Damn Good Coffee Only 


Quality doesn’t just happen, it is all about the tremendous amount of effort at each step of production. 


Here at Normcore Coffee, we care about quality because it is the most important value of being a specialty coffee roasting company.


Sourcing our coffees directly from the farm and collaborating with local exporters/importers allows us to create the best coffee experience possible. 


We roast the green coffee ourselves, which enables us a full understanding of where the bean is from, how the bean is roasted and how the coffee needs to be brewed.




Normcore Blend


The Normcore Seasonal Blend is designed to be served as a sweet and well-balanced, smooth, milk based coffee. 


The component parts of the blends are always changing due to seasonality and quality; however, we always make sure the taste of coffee is having the same deliciousness by high standard of quality control.



Single Origin Coffees


We always recommend to use single origins for all the black coffees served.


Firstly, this emanates the pure characteristic flavours that the origin naturally breeds into coffee.


Secondly, by tasting the origins’ own flavour, customers are able to differently experience coffees which allow their senses and thoughts to gradually expand.





Normcore Coffee has only been a part of the industry for a years now.


However we have won a few awards in roasting competitions with our delicious coffees, which speaks on the quality of coffee that we have been producing – to provide you with the optimum cup.


2017 Australian Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition:
Silver Medal for Single Origin Espresso
Silver Medal for Pour Over Filter


2016 Australian Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition:
Bronze Medal for Single Origin Espresso