About Us


Normcore Coffee is a Sydney based specialty coffee roasting company established in 2016, the teaming up of two coffee professionals, Nate Lee and Chanho Hong.


The combined word, ‘Normcore’ is from fashion industry meaning ‘normal’ plus ‘hardcore’.


Normcore Coffee aims to consistently deliver a pretty ‘damn good coffee’ (which is a slogan of us) to our customers be it is a black coffee such as an espresso, long black and filter or a white milk based coffee.


Thus, we take a serious approach to making damn good ‘hardcore’ side, which is where top quality specialty grade coffees are chosen for our single origin black coffee lineup; and also where we focus on the other side which is providing a damn good, sweet, milky coffee with our ‘normal’ customer-focused made blend.


Our specialty is not only sharing great coffees with our customers but also helping to move the local coffee scene forward, by sharing our knowledge and experience, to instilling higher values behind-the-scenes such as: sustainability, consistency, efficiency and growth.